About us
About us
Guangxi Xilong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a relocation and upgrade project of Hongyu Chemical Co., Ltd. in Bobai County, Guangxi. It is located in Wangmao Industrial Park, Bobai County, Yulin City, Guangxi and covers an area of 230 acres. The production process of titanium dioxide powder is "sulfuric acid method", and the annual production of rutile titanium dioxide powder is 60,000 tons.The company has its own import and export rights, and its products are mainly sold to Spain, Italy, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. It has participated in the China International Ceramic Industry Technology and Product Exhibition for many times. Its quality is stable, its performance is good, and it enjoys a certain reputation in the market. It is very popular with the majority of customers.
Guangxi xilong chemical co. Ltd.

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